Fitted Mirrors

Instant Glass are experts in supplying and fitting custom Fitted Mirrors for all types of properties whether it is for a bathroom in a home or mirrors in a hair salon business on the high street. We can supply a wide variety of shapes, colours and designs dependent on the requirements of our customers.

If you are looking for a high quality Fitted Mirror, then make Instant Glass & Glazing your first choice. Whether you are looking to install a simple Fitted Mirror in the bathroom, or you want a more extensive installation perhaps fitting a gym out, then Instant Glass can help you achieve your goals. No job is too small or too big for our glazing experts. Initially you may want to book a free consultation with us so that we can go though all the details and measurements with you. We are also currently offering all our new customers a 10% discount for our Fitted Mirror service.

When we install Fitted Mirrors, the price will include all the sundries to complete the job. This will insure that our customers pay the price they are quoted. Currently in our reviews, we have received 100% satisfaction rating for charging the price we quote for Custom Fitted Mirrors for both homes and businesses.

Instant Glass are one of the leading Suppliers and Installers of Fitted Mirrors to Homes & Businesses in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire. We understand that every customer is different and potentially have different requirements. Our expert installers will be more then happy to give you all the advice you need prior to making your order. A custom Fitted Mirror can make a huge improvement to your home or indeed is a necessary requirement for you to fulfil in your business. Whatever you choose to do, we are here to give you full support and guidance. Our customer reviews have been excellent with our average rating at 9.8 out of 10.

Instant Glass & Glazing supply and install custom Fitted Mirrors for customers based in London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire.

For an instant quote and a free site visit for our Custom Fitted Mirrors, the please get in contact with us today. Our experienced customer service team will be more then happy to guide you. All new customers will receive a 10% Discount on all new Fitted Mirror enquiries. Our telephone number is 020 3890 4116 or alternatively, please send us a request via the website.